2020 Fender American Original Stratocaster (Shell Pink, OHSC)

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Don't you wish you had a time machine...you could go back to the 60's and ask Fender to knock you up a Stratocaster in a custom colour. Shell Pink say.

It may be a while before we can time travel and if you don't want to wait and you love the idea of a guitar in Shell Pink, then this gorgeous American Original Stratocaster is ready to roll.

It has a laminated rosewood fingerboard, Maple neck, Alder body, Nitro finish, Tremolo, Hardcase and Gray Bottom Pickups. The previous owner has taken the gloss off the back of the neck and has had the guitar re-fretted with sleek stainless steel frets. 

So before you start to think about how many cool guitars you could bring back with you in the time machine, it's important to take note of the risks... the main one being by going to 60's California you may never want to come home. 



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