c1990s Fernandes MG-80X 'BC Rich Mockingbird style' (Japan, Black)

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You wanted the best and you got the…um…second best. No this ain't no late '70s early '80s BC Rich..but hey, it is damn cool..and it looks the biz. This particular guitar is the signature model for Hide from the band X Japan. Shoot, with this guitar you could start a band with Danzig, or take some Poison with Alice Cooper, or even audition for Vixen. This Fernandes is in the second only colour that matters on a Rich style guitar, Black (the first being Natural Woodgrain). Decked out with 2 Fernandes Pickups, an SH-1 and a DF-1, it'll cure what ails you...and that's a guarantee. And remember, stay bitchin'....'till death..

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