c1990s Moon ST HH (Japan, Burgundy Mist Pearl)

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Moon guitars get a lot of love around here from the staff at Echo Tone.

Not only do they have the best headstock logo ever made..(with palm trees and a moon) but they are built as well as any guitar you care to mention - honestly. 

The Moon we have here straddles the line between 1980s glam glamour and 1990s pre mainstream grunge takeover. Don't let the fact that it is has Bartolini pickups put you off...if anything that should get you more excited...it does me. 

If you are looking for a high performance guitar with a certain spirit, a touch of derring-do, maybe even a small slice of bravado, this could be just the guitar for you. 

Moon Stratocaster

Made in Japan 

#12303 (D20)

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