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1972 Gibson ES-325 (Walnut, HSC)1972 Gibson ES-325 (Walnut, HSC)
1966 Fender Jaguar (Bound Neck, Block Inlays, HSC)1966 Fender Jaguar (Bound Neck, Block Inlays, HSC)
1962 Fender Jazzmaster (Fiesta red refin, OHSC)1962 Fender Jazzmaster (Fiesta red refin, OHSC)
1972 Fender Telecaster Bass (Blonde, HSC)1972 Fender Telecaster Bass (Blonde, HSC)
1968 Gibson B-15 Acoustic (Natural Mahagany, OPBC)1968 Gibson B-15 Acoustic (Natural Mahagany, OPBC)
1978 Ibanez Musician MC300 (Dark Stain)1978 Ibanez Musician MC300 (Dark Stain)
1976 Gibson ES-355 Cherry Red (HSC)1976 Gibson ES-355 Cherry Red (HSC)
1969 Fender Palomino Natural1969 Fender Palomino Natural
1964 Hagstrom Kent Bass1964 Hagstrom Kent Bass
1967 Epiphone E360TD Riviera 12-String (OHSC)1967 Epiphone E360TD Riviera 12-String (OHSC)
1960 Gibson Melody Maker (Sunburst)1960 Gibson Melody Maker (Sunburst)
1973 Guild S-100 (Natural Finish, HSC)1973 Guild S-100 (Natural Finish, HSC)
1962 Maton 545 Premier (#3 of 145, OHSC)1962 Maton 545 Premier (#3 of 145, OHSC)
c1959 Maton EG-240 Supreme (OHSC)c1959 Maton EG-240 Supreme (OHSC)
c1929 Gibson L-0 (OHSC, Refin)c1929 Gibson L-0 (OHSC, Refin)
1976 Gibson J-45/50 (OHSC, Natural)1976 Gibson J-45/50 (OHSC, Natural)
1964 Martin D-181964 Martin D-18
Martin 1964 Martin D-18
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