1959 Fender 5E3 Tweed Deluxe (USA)

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What can I say…this amp is an absolute blinder..Super, super responsive, and 12 watts that fills the room. Dare I say, playing through this amp is…well shoot, I don't want to get hippy trippy about it, but let's just say, you can lose time, in the most positive of ways. Functioning perfectly, and before you ask...yes, the amp has been recovered in tweed and lacquered, yes, the caps have been replaced, it is running on 240V (transformer installed by Dale Sherlock) and the speaker is a new Celestion Alnico Blue. All those things aside, plug in and play 'Cortez the killer' or 'F**cking Up' on any guitar of your choosing and you'll see what I mean. At 64 years old, this 5E3 is by no means looking at  retirement just yet. Made in the USA #D 06926

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