1971 Gibson SG Special (USA, Cherry, HSC)

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This was the last year (for a while) that the SG Special had P90 pickups.

It maintains many of the 1960s Gibson hallmarks save for the volute and 5 piece neck.

The one that we have here is super light and very resonant, and the stock P90s are gnarly in a very nice way. Looks like it's had a horseshoe Bigsby on it at some point as well as the stock vibrola, (check out the screw holes) but is now rockin' solid with the Mojoaxe wrap tail bridge (original in the case). Pots date to July 1971. Has had a kill switch on the pickguard at some stage, this is now removed out of the circuit but a little hole remains in the guard.

I love this guitar, and I am sure that you will too. Made in the USA, and comes with a vintage 70's hardshell case. #962166

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