1975 Martin D-35 Dreadnought (Shadetop, OHSC)

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Rare and collectible 1970s 'Shadetop' D-35 Dreadnought from Martin. Solid Sitka spruce top and some really lovely solid Rosewood back and sides with the famous '35' style 3 piece back. Excellent projection with gorgeous harmonically rich highs and tight strong lows. To my ears 1970s D-35's have a very versatile tonality (from the perspective of an exciting 'in room' tonality and an easily recordable 'studio' tone). Slightly more substantial 1970s bracing and a Rosewood bridge plate pulls some of the sometimes 'unwieldy' harmonic frequencies exceptionally light Rosewood instruments can produce out of the equation, meaning that this Martin, while retaining many of those lush 'Rosewood' tonalities has slightly stronger fundamentals than heavily scallop braced instruments, which lends itself to a clearly defined recorded tone. Aesthetically clean example with a lot of luster to the original finish. Many 'Shadetop' instruments can be prone to fading, this example has almost none. Small crack below pickguard which has been left as is (it has not gone through the top and probably never will). The instrument has seen a refret and subsequently a fingerboard plane. Neck geometry is good and the action sits in a comfortable range for those familiar with Martin instruments (no need for a neck reset at this stage). D-35s are exceptionally underrated instruments. Come have a play and find out why! Includes original 'Blue Case' in fair condition (one of the rear hinges has faulted). Made in USA, Serial number 368209.

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