1977 Greco EG-600 Les Paul Frampton (Japan. Black, HSC)

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I promise not to bang on about how great a guitar player Frampton is..how is work with Humble Pie is out of sight..and also, how, you could not escape Frampton in the 1970s around the time of Frampton Comes Alive.

 All of which really has bugger all to do with this guitar..except for the fact that this is a light, pretty spot on copy of Peter's famous Les Paul, that had 3 (count em) humbuckers, and, in my humble (pardon the pun) opinion...is about the best looking guitar on the planet. 

Frets are good, pickups are orig. Do you....you? Feel like it does? 

The answer is yes..

Made In Japan #L777310.

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