1986 Fender Telecaster 12 String (Japan, Sunburst)

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A Japanese Fender made 12 String Stratocaster neck on....yep, a Japanese made Telecaster body.

Now, you can marvel at the look on people's faces when they say "that's not a Stratocaster 12!" and you can say "yeah, I know, it's a Stratelecaster 12 string, could quite possibly be the only one in the world" 

Yeah, it's a partscaster, but what a partscaster. Mid 2000's neck on a 1980s Fender Japan body. 

If you've always wanted everything, well here it is, 12 strings of heaven. Business at the front, party at the back. Jangle and twang, all at once, or twang and jangle, all at once.

Body: Made in Japan serial A038118

Neck: Crafted in Japan serial R018555




The choicest carvings.

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