2003 Gibson ES-135 (Blueburst, HSC)

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Here's a bargain Gibbo ES135 in everyone's favourite colour, Blueburst. 

You know what they say, your fingers make the sound, but why not look good too. Guitars are like jewelry, accoutrements, dare I say bling...shoot, if you are going to do it, get there in style. 

Ok, here's the fine print...this guitar has had a noticeable neck and heel repair. A bit of cowboy black automotive paint that you might not see at first glance, but it's definitely there. This could of course be disguised with the help of a master lutheran, but they don't come cheap. But, Bluey goes fine as is, and sounds great with the stock Gibson '57 Classic humbuckers, and let's face it, if this is a guitar you are going to take out and gig, it's not going to worry you. 

Comes with a non-original, but super happy and robust roadrunner case (Roadrunner, roadrunner, goes a 1000 miles an hour)

Made in the USA in Memphis, Tennesee. #00933995.


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