2007 Epiphone MM-20AS Mandolin (China, Sunburst, OHSC)

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Ye olde 2007 Epiphone Mandolin. 

Was purchased back in 2007, played once or twice and popped back in the case, and then under the bed it went.

It was recently uncovered in an archaelogical dig in the previous owners house, luckily the case and mandolin had been wrapped in  thick sack cloth, as it had to be chipped out of rock, carefully...mind you..so as not to damage the instrument inside.

Of course, the archaeologists had no idea what they might find..and were overjoyed when they found a close to pristine 'The Epiphone' Mandolin from the year 2007...and in its original case too. 

It'll do bluegrass, ragtime and perhaps polka too. 

The Epiphone Mandolin...unearthed recently..what a find. 


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