c1980s Sho-Bud Custom Pro II Pedalsteel (USA, OHSC)

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Rarely seen on Australian shores this is certainly a very cool item to have in the shop at the moment! circa 1980s Sho-Bud Dual neck Pedal Steel Custom Pro II! Straight outta Nashville...T is for T-E-N-N-E-S-S-E.. "Its a party, its a birthday party..happy birthday darlin'...love ya very very very much"....

Lower: C6 / Upper: E9 One solid piece o' machinery. 8 pedals, 2 knee levers. 

Double 10-String neck console finished in translucent brown. Second neck is raised ¾” above the first neck. Inlaid roping detail adorns each neck and the front apron of the console. Each neck has a steel bridge with black plastic fingerboard, Spade and Diamond fret markers. 3” metal roller nut and Grover tuners. 24” scale length.

Beautiful ornate finish, The pickup on upper neck has been rewound by Jon Shubb.

Callin' all steel players near, far and wide, this ones for all y'all.

Comes with the original hardcase. 

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