c1980s Yamaha BB 2000 Broad Bass Fretless (Japan, Sunburst)

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The absolute king of the Broad Bass, the BB2000. Neck through body…woo hoo. Here's the lowdown from Yamaha "Boasting superior live performance characteristics, this renowned Yamaha electric bass was popular with players in a wide variety of genres from jazz fusion to rock and pop. Featuring a 5-ply neck-through design that conveys the vibrations of the strings to the body without any loss, the BB-2000 achieves impressively long sustain. This instrument features pickups unique to the BB, with the pickup for the first and second strings lying closer to the neck and separated from the pickup for the third and four strings, which is closer to the bridge, delivering an unparalleled sense of pitch. This one has had a fretless conversion. Made In Japan serial 003175

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