c1990s Burny 'Firebird III' (Made in Japan, DiMarzio Mini-Humbuckers, USA Re-Loom, OHSC)

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A very rare Burny model. What we've got here is a well-built, high-spec'd Japanese take on a Firebird. In a previous life it has been heavily modified with mini-toggle switches likely splitting coils across pickups. Currently the mini toggles are inactive, the instrument sports a full USA component loom and the bridge and neck pickups are USA made DiMarzio mini-humbuckers. The middle pickup is the original Burny in house pickup with the cover removed, however, the route was done after factory. The guitar is wired with three individual 'volumes' for each pickup and a master 'tone' control. Each pickup having its own volume control allows one to dial in some pretty interesting tones across the spectrum of the 3 mini humbuckers. The cover to the Maestro vibrola is long gone, but included with the instrument is its original case which features some anime painted by a previous owner. Wild! Well worth a play!

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