c1990s Morris C-1200 Classical Guitar (All Solid Construction)

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An oddball instrument which is evading clear identification. Built by Morris (of Japan), however, labeled has Morris from 'Valencia, Spain'. Significant time has been spent trying to track down an example of a Spanish made Morris instrument to no avail. There is some educated guess work going into this instrument. We're going to call it c1990s due to it's overall feel, condition and label style. We're not going to call it a Japanese instrument due to its construction style and label. The instrument is fully solid (Spruce and Rosewood) and features a traditional 'Spanish Heel'. We have seen examples of Japanese lutheir-made classical guitars with such construction however, never any under the 'Morris' banner (which was typically a factory-built instrument). We feel this may have been a high-end range of instruments the Morris company had built by a Spanish factory or luthier. In any sense, come in and have a play for yourself. The instrument is quite impressive and well built. An Echo Tone T-Shirt for anyone who can shed some light on this great mystery! No serial either...

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