c1920s Faux Resonator Mandolin

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A mandolin with a resonator, how cool... and it sounds amazing... but wait, hang on, there is nothing under the metal plate, just wood? This kooky idea was born in the time when resos were all the rage... but you need parts and labour to make a full working resonator, in other words, it's expensive and metal was pricey and in short supply after the war. Enter the Faux Reso! It's just a metal plate on top of the wood! The funny thing is though, the metal only does seem to do something to the sound. Anyways this little anomaly has become a bit of a thing for collectors in recent years. We are not too sure who the maker is of this mandolin, and these fake resos never seem to have serial numbers, but if you would like an unusual piece of US history that is very usuable too, this may just be for you.

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