1948 Gibson BR-9 Lapsteel (Pasteboard Case, P90 Pickup)

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Up for sale, a 1948 Gibson BR-9 lap steel in very good condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original case. Original P-90 pickup with non-adjustable alnico slugs (this pickup was phased out by '51). The tone is bold and sparking, with a distinctive midrange bite and sweet treble sparkle. This BR-9 is strung with fresh 11-48 roundwound strings.

The Cremona Brown lucite fingerboard is numbered with a 29 fret range and 22 1/2" scale length. Open book Gibson headstock with replaced vintage style Kluson tuners. Features original and badged 'Gieb' pasteboard case, whom at the time produced cases for both Martin & Gibson. However, case included more for sake of originality as it is highly worn and would not offer the protection of a modern hard shell case. 

All of the electronics are original, with the alnico pole P-90 wired to the stock harness. The Cremona Brown pickup cover/control plate is in-tact with the all-so-common fracturing over the bridge, however the crack is stable and has never gone through the material fully. 

A beautiful, highly inspiring early Gibson lapsteel, waiting to lay down some magic on a late night recording session. 

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