1960s Victor Star Electramatic Electric Mando

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Well, well, well, what 'ave we got 'ere!

We present to you, one good lookin' Electric Mando in everyone's favourite colour, Pelham Blue Hammertone!

This old chap is from at least the 1960s, and he sure does look it! Featuring a pickguard-integrated-pickup contraption (I mean, why not?), volume and tone controls, and only 4 strings, with no doubles (I was trying to think of a mandolin/tennis pun but I've got nothing...). 

Overall the mando is in pretty good condition for its age with the exception of some cracks in the pickguard, as well as some visible wear, dents and chips on the luscious Hammertone finish. 

We all love it, and we are sure you will too! 



Oh wait, I got it!

...with no doubles, just like top singles players. 

Nah, it's still bad. Never mind...

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