1961 Silvertone U1 (Brown Sparkle, USA, Short Scale)

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Imagine the excitement… "Oh goodie gumdrops" as Mum and Dad flick through the Sears Wish Book Christmas Catalogue and ask you to pick out a guitar. You can barely contain yourself. Right there, on one of the semi glossy pages, is this little beauty, calling your name. It's brown, with a handful of fairy dust glitter thrown through the finish. It has one pickup, that looks like a lipstick tube...with very good reason, because it actually is a lipstick tube stuffed with a magnet and wire, an ingenious way to make a pickup. You pop your finger on the U1 one and say to Mum and Dad, "this one please". Anyway, take yourself out of the time travel machine, and back to 2022, and these little masonite Silvertone guitars, that were only sold through the Sears and Roebuck Christmas Catalogue, are still cool as hell today. This guitar was somebodies dream guitar once, will be again. So, down to the nitty gritty...frets still have plenty of life in em, guitar is in very good condition for its 60 odd years and has never had the indignity of being routed for a Super Distortion (at least not yet). Pots date to 1961, strap pins have been replaced and one has been moved to the back of the body. Tuners, knobs, pickup, nut, bridge are as it left the factory in '61. Buy the ticket, take the ride, you'll thank me later. Made in the USA in 1961.

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