1964 Guild Starfire III (Cherry, OHSC)

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Dang, this guitar could write a book about its life, if it could type. Sadly though, this guitar doesn't know how to type, but it sure knows how to rip out a tune. Ok, so as you can see it's had a hell of a life, and a few changes on the way. This may seem like a bit of a (Kink) kontroversy, but the bridge and tailpiece have been changed, and the Guildsby is sadly long gone. There is one small split under the tailpiece that is solid and you'll never really ever see or worry about, in fact, any kinks have been ironed out.

You may ask, where have all the good times gone? They are still here, in this beautiful Guild Starfire. 

Comes with the original case, and it's Dave Davies approved for a piece of mind. 



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