1964 Fender Princeton Amp (Tuxedo Model, 240v)

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A gorgeous vintage Fender combo amplifier. This early 1964 Princeton features that oh-so-cool Tuxedo aesthetic with its 'Blackface' control plate and white buttercup knobs. These early incarnations of the 'Blackface' Princetons feature the earlier 'Brownface' circuit with gives you the most beautiful tremolo sound and a slight 'Tweed' edge to the tone. A beautiful balance between the fidelity of the later 'Blackface' amplifiers with some of the character of the earlier late 50s and early 60s combo amplifiers. 

This amp is gig ready, running 240V (The original transformer was been rewound decades ago for Australian power), currently running a pair of 6L6s and a solid-state rectifier. The original speaker has been replaced with a signature series Weber 10". 

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