1967 Hagstrom Viking (Made in Sweden, Sunburst)

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Before the days of speed metal, the Swedes designed a guitar so adorable, so charming and so darned gorgeous they can almost be forgiven for shifting their attention to those sharp shred-sticks in the decades that came. With this in mind, as traditional as this thinline hollowbody instrument is with it's highly microphonic pickups, you've got one super thin neck profile. The profile has very little taper as you work your way up the neck and is almost reminiscent to that RG Ibanez I once played at my local suburban guitar store growing up. I dig it. It works. Maybe this guitar is the missing link between Beat-era 1960s debauchery and large-haired high-gain virtuosity? It all makes sense now. Comes with a lifetime supply of Imperial Leather soap (while stocks last).

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