1969 Gibson LG-0 (HSC)

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1969, Neil Armstrong plonked his big boot on the moon, the Stones released Let It Bleed and Charles Manson tried to drive a knife through the heart of the peace and love generation. However, in 1969 this little LG-0 came into being. It really is a sweet guitar...classic Gibbo '60s neck, pre volute and Made In USA stamp. In good shape for a 53 year old guitar, original tuners (on the bass side there is a number, social security #? I can't tell..it's tiny. Still plenty of of room left in the adjustable bridge to get the action down if you need. Has the classic wide flat low frets you either love or hate (I love em) Most importantly, LG-0's can be a little hit of miss, but this one has a killer sound. Comes with a hardshell case.

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