1970s Jolana Kolorbas Bass Guitar (Soviet-made, USA Spec Re-wire, Upgrades)

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Greetings Comrade! 

Here we have a very wonderful Jolana Kolorbas, made in the glorious motherland of the U.S.S.R. This 'bas' comes in a lovely blue 'kolor', painted by skilled Soviet crafts-people to remind the nation of the sky in which the great Soviet nation conquered through the expansive and successful aeronautical expeditions (we think). 

Some of the original Soviet parts were just too high-quality for us peasent Westerners, so they have been replaced. The electronics have been completely replaced with USA components (let's just hope a cold war doesn't break out on stage), and a new bridge and machine heads have also been installed. 

So if you're ready to rock the sky and beyond like Yuri Gargaran, you should think about purchasing this very kolorful bas. If you don't, we will tell the KGB. 

End of transmission. 

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