1973 Fender Jazz Bass (Made in USA, Sunburst, Fretless, OHSC)

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Surely one of the most characterful fretless basses being offered worldwide! Neat early 1970s 'blocks and binding' aesthetics. Well loved Sunburst finish with 'Tortoiseshell' guard. Genuine road warrior with the kind of patina which can only come from many years of play. Some modifications (some apparent, such as the fretless conversion) and others under the hood. The original bridge pickup has been re-wound to within the output range of original specification, the output jack has been replaced with a new a fresh USA Switchcraft unit for reliability. Low E-String tuner has been replaced with a Schaller 'Hip Shot' Drop-D tuner. The G-String tuner, while Fender branded is a later 70s replacement. Nice and lightweight, (particularly for the era - 4.05 kgs). This is a very good one. Made in USA, Includes original Fender hardcase. Serial number 387687.

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