1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (Tobacco Burst, HSC)

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Ok, so here's the lowdown. What a fab guitar this is. A '74 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe in everyone's favourite colour tobacco sunburst. Pancake body, volute, mini-humbuckers and all the groovy 70's era features that you expect to see.

This guitar has avoided the standard modifications of the decade of sustain. There has been NO brass nut installed,  NO Dimarzio Super Distortions added and NO coil taps either. The tuners have been changed to Grovers but that's no bummer! 

Yep, playing California Jam or relaxing on your brown corduroy bean bag will go better when you are strumming this axe ya dig. Now all you need to worry about is what guitar strap will look right on. 




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