1980 Fender International Series Telecaster (Cherry Sunburst, OHSC)

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Fender made the International series for only 2 years, and you really don't see them pop up that often. 

Some of the colours were: Sahara Taupe, Arctic White, Morocco Red, Maui Blue, Monaco Yellow and Capri Orange. Allegedly dealers had to buy batches of 15 in each colour as a minimum order...dang.

Aside for the cool colour this telecaster ticks all the boxes, plays great, sounds great and can be used as a shield in a bar fight or a handy weapon ala Keith Richards with a pesky stage invader. It is also in very good condition with it's never used as an ashtray, ashtray bridge and original case. It's not a lightweight, but it was born in the era of sustain, so don't hold that against it. I sure as hell hope I look this good at 40. 





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