1980 Kramer DMZ 1000 (USA, Natural, Aluminium Neck, OHSC)

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Named the DMZ (allegedly) because of the 2 Dimarzio pickups in this guitar, this Kramer is quite a guitar. Made through the late 1970s and into the early part of the 1980s, and cut from the same cloth as the infamous Travis Bean. In fact, Gary Kramer was a partner in Travis Bean before splitting in 1975 to form the Kramer Guitar Company. This has a neck made of maple and aluminium, and a fingerboard made of Ebonite (a super hard volcanised rubber) which was designed as a substitute for Ebony wood and body is Maple. Ah, the sustain, you can probably hear it from there, wherever you are. Overall the guitar is in very good condition for its 42 years of age. It's not a light guitar weight wise by any stretch, but it won't be quite heavy enough to moor a boat, like a Gibbo custom from an equivalent year. Made in the USA to a very high standard and comes with the only known existing original DMZ Kramer case that actually doesn't smell of weed. #02423

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