1980s Casio EG-5 Guitar/Cassette Deck

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Casio Board Meeting sometime in the early 1980s.

Excited young new employee at Casio "Hey, I've got this idea for a new product!"

The Board, bored "Oh yeah, what is it?"

New employee at Casio "Ok, so, what's really cool at the moment?"

The Board "Computer Games in an arcade"

New employee at Casio "No no, really cool?"

The Board "We don't know"

New employee at Casio "Ok, I'll tell you....are you ready, Cassettes and guitars. What are cassettes players made out of? Plastic, and what are guitars made out of, wood...are you getting it yet?"

The Board, really bored, "No"

New employee at Casio "We make a guitar with a weird shaped plastic body, a wooden neck and a built in cassette player!"

The Board, excited "It's genius, yes...lets call it the cassguitar"

New employee at Casio "I was just thinking the Casio EG-5"

....and so that's how the Casio EG-5 was born, unique and exciting in its day and unique and exciting again in 2021...and this one we have is in working condition (batteries not included) and comes with a dubbed cassette with Jimmy Barnes "Flesh and Blood" (Home taping didn't ruin his career) Play along with all your favourite cassettes! One changed saddle otherwise all original. 

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