1993 Fender Japan Jazz Bass Special (MIJ, Black)

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If you were Duff McKagan in the early 80’s and you loved your jazz bass for it’s definition and the thump of the P bass but couldn’t play them simultaneously in your band that was about to take over the world, what would you do? You’d play a Jazz Bass Special AKA PJ555. Built in Japan and most likely on a Wednesday as the neck alignment and angle are bang on the money with no shims needed. The neck is straight, the frets have 90% of their life to live. The PJ Plays great and the pickups cover all basses… Literally. At some stage a legend has upgraded the bridge to a Leo Quan Badass II, I like it. The original control knobs are replaced. Aside from that, there’s a couple of sizeable dings on the body that have taken off paint - purely cosmetic. It comes in everyones favourite shade Black on black on black.

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