2005 Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Dennis Galuskta Ltd '55 Stratocaster (Relic 2-Tone Sunburst, OHSC, COA)

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Limited to a run of 100 pieces built between 2005 & 2006 these early Dennis Galuszka Masterbuilt ’55 Strats are a rare and collectable find. This particular instrument is from early on in the run, dated as a 2005 on the neck heel and has a serial number ending in ’55’ - pretty neat considering it would be the only instrument out of the production run with a serial which marries up to its re-issue year (1955).

Featuring a hand-carved one piece Maple neck is a meaty ’55 spec U shape neck. The fingerboard radius is 9.5" and 21 Medium-Jumbo frets. The body is made from a single piece of beautifully grained, lightweight Ash (the instrument weighs in at 3.40kgs).

The pickups are a set of Fender ‘Fat 50s’, a pickup which works particularly well when paired with Ash/Maple instruments, delivering a stunning dynamic range and brilliant highs while retaining a tightness in the low end.

The attention to detail on this Masterbuilt instrument is stunning. The patina given to the instrument is done with respect and restraint while the idiosyncratic hue of the ’54/’55 era nitro-finished Sunburst has been captured perfectly in this limited run.

This beautiful Stratocaster comes with its original Custom Shop branded hardcase, case candy and its Certificate of Authenticity (please note the certificate was re-issued by Fender due to the original being misplaced, as Fender do not back date certificates the new document is dated at its time of issue (10/16/2018). The COA is hand signed by the instruments Masterbuilder, Dennis Galuszka.

A truly stunning Stratocaster. A slick player with a beautiful blend of modern and vintage features. Light and resonant and very collectable!

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