2007 Gibson ES-335 Dot 'Fat Neck' (Vintage Sunburst, HSC)

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Introduced in 1958, the ES-335 has been a staple popular music for years. The ES-335 'Fat Neck' - while not a full-on historic reissue - is tailored to be more like a vintage 1959 335 than the current production models. That starts with the thicker, '50s-style neck carve made of mahogany. For pickups, the 'Fat Neck' has '57 Classic humbuckers for a tone that is pure, vintage Gibson. The coolest thing about the 'Fat Neck' is that it's built like a reissue, yet manages to be priced more moderately than a vintage reissue. Overall the instrument is aesthetically quite clean with minor aesthetic playwear. The body of the instrument does display a 'snakebite' from a Bigsby vibrato system of which was once installed. The screw holes have been plugged and are visible as such. An uncommon model and an exceptional proposition for those (like me) who enjoy the playability and tonality of a 50s style neck. A unique featureset for a Memphis model. Includes a non-original hard case. Made In USA, Serial number 02337717.

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