2012 Fender Excelsior Amplifier

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Woah, what a cool old amp!

Lol, jks... it's a 2012 Fender Excelsior. 

Fooled ya with all the brown and weirdness hey!

'Excelsior' means 'ever upward' in Latin, which is ironic as these are from the Fender Pawn Shop series which is now, 'defunctus'.

However, it doesn't stop this amp from being and sounding seriously, seriously cool!

There is a big chariot-wheel-sized 15" guitar speaker. Perfect for breaking down the gates of besieged castles with soundwaves. There is a tone 'switch' with literally two settings because really, pick a darn side! Bright or dark!

Oh yes, there is also very cool sounding output bias tremolo in-built, and cool pseudo-bakelite knobs from a pseudo-scientifically formulated material to look exactly like replica bakelite! 

At 13-watts, it's a perfect amp for the studio, stage, or with this brown upholstery,  grandma's house. 

Whether you buy this amp or not, always remember, 'Excelsior!' 🏇 ⚔️

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