2014 Mesa Boogie MK1 Snake Skin Limited (#542 of 600)

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Limited to only 600 units worldwide (2014), these highly collectable MK1 Boogie amplifiers were an immediate sell-out. Designed in conjunction with Carlos Santana, these amplifiers are built to a spec based on the guitarists' original MK1 combo. This example stands in near-mint condition.

Artist affiliations aside, the Boogie MK1 stands as a crucial turning point in the history of amplified music, Randall Smith of MESA being considered the godfather of boutique guitar amplification to this day. The MK1 takes form out of the bones of highly modified Fender Princeton circuits.

Stunningly versatile both in tonal breadth and attenuation capabilities, the MK1 thrives in both studio and live environments. This boutique amplifier is both an exceptional piece of gear and a sure-fire appreciating collectable.

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