1960s Sunn Solarus 60 watt Guitar Head

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The Kingsmen had a hit on their hands in 1963, Louie Louie. All of a sudden they went from playing small joints to large joints and their bass player Norm struggled to be heard. So he called on his brother Conrad to help develop a solution. Once they had developed a concert worthy bass amp they thought why stop there? So they started Sunn Amps. As their last name was Sundholm you can guess how they came up with the name of their company

This Sunn Solarus was made in the late '60s and features tremolo and reverb at a loud 60 watts. It's in good condition and on 240V Australian power. It's quite rare to see these Oregon USA built amps in this country in fact they are really an amp you'll never see many of anywhere. 

The only mods that we are aware of are that two old cupboard knobs have been screwed into the back panel to wrap the power lead around. Also the reverb is not working at the moment. Aside from that a cool very usable piece of US amp history. 

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