1964-68 English Electronics Tonemaster Resoglass (Black, HSC)

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Every now and then we get a guitar in that we marvel over the condition. This guitar is a real timepiece and it's such a rarity to find a guitar from the 60's that almost looks new. 

Who were English Electronics though? If you are looking at this guitar and thinking it looks like a Supro that's because they both came out of the same factory. 

Norman English was an old school lap steel player who ran a music studio in Lansing, Michigan. He had a good relationship with Valco & was able to order custom instruments from them. English Electronics offered several sought after Valco made instruments. Reso-glass Guitars & Amps and lap steels.

English Electronics’ “Tonemaster” guitars were made by Valco, the same company that made National and Supro solidbody electrics and lap steels, and many Oahu and Airline guitars.”

The guitar is made out of resoglass which gives a interesting tonality. The neck pickup, is an overwound single coil even though it looks like a  humbucker. The bridge pickup is a Silver Sound pickup which was supposed to give an acoustic sound...it doesn't really achieve that but sounds cool nonetheless. There is one small crack near the volume knob that is stable and quite hard to see. 

Really a cool and unusual piece of American history that has somehow found it's way Australia in near showroom condition.



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