1980 Boss Over Drive OD-1 (JRC4558D Chip, Black Label, Long Dash Silver Screw, Made in Japan)

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The OD-1, alongside the PH-1 and the SP-1 was one of the first pedals Boss produced in the now ubiquitous ‘compact’ housing. This 1980 model is very early in this production cycle. This particular OD-1 has the JRC4558D ‘op amp’ chip which is most famously used in early Tubescreamer pedals. The JRC455D is considered an absolute classic insofar as ‘op amp’ chips within overdrive pedal circuits, and for good reason! Nice, organic, buttery overdrive which tickles a valve amp in the most delightful way! The pedals enclosure is moderately worn with chips to the yellow paint. The base plate has had additional screw holes drilled to mount the pedal on a board and the screws holding the baseplate down are unoriginal. Serial/ Batch #9500 (June 1980)

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