1968 Fender 'Drip-Edge' Silverface Champ (110v)

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I dig the drip-edge Fender stuff. Reminds me of Jefferson Airplane or the Grateful Dead in hazy 60's colour singing about peace and sticking it to the man. It's been over 50 years since Grace Slick, Jerry and co. changed the planet...and these old Fender amps are so well built they are still kicking. Maybe you want to start your own Velvet Underground, or fight for something you are passionate about, or maybe you just want to record some guitar at home...either way I reckon it'll go better having this by your side. 

Speaker has been replaced with a Mojotone and the amp is on 110V so you will need a stepdown transformer...then you can just tune in, drop out and turn on...ya dig.


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