c1979 Music Man 210HD Amp (Eminence Speakers)

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Music man HQ, sometime in the '70s


"Hey dude, what if we made an amp with a power tube section, but the preamp was solid state?"

"yeah man, sounds like a plan...but...why"

"Well, it would be more.....(exhales)...groovy"

"outta sight"


..and so the Music Man amp designers came up with the concept of their amp.


"hey dude, what if we put 2 little guys in a square thing on the front of the amp, with stripey flares on" 

(inhales) "yeah man, outta sight.."


..and they also came up with the look..


Leo Fender came into the room, and said "you guys better be doing some work!"

"hey man, no need to be heavy"

"yeah man, you're bumming me out" 


So don't be a downer man, and remember, if a Music Man amp was good enough for Joe Strummer, it's good enough for you...

Music Man 210HD, some rips, speakers changed to Eminence sounds....groovy, ya dig.




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