c1990s Steinberger Synapse Transcale Guitar (OGB)

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Deep in the woods...very deep, there is a bend in the dirt road and the mist never lifts.

They say, that if you go there, on a Friday the 13th, at midnight, you will almost definitely see the "headless horseman" riding high and carrying on his back in a gig bag the "headless guitar". Where is the "headless horseman" going with his headless Steinberger Synapse Transcale guitar?

Some people say that his guitar has built in CybroSonic™ Technology which combines the patented Steinberger Graphite U-channel with a truss rod to create an ultra-stable yet adjustable "hybred" neck with the same definition, clarity and focus you've come to expect from a standard Steinberger but with the added "warmth" of a 1-piece hard maple neck. 

Some people also say that the guitar has an integrated Capo. Which is another first from Steinberger. The "Headless Horseman" knows that with the patented TranScale Capo in the "resting" position, the Synapse is a 28.5" scale guitar with thundering bass and complex baritone voicings. He can also roll the Capo up and change scale length "on the fly" creating completely new and unique voicings and tonal qualities. 

Many have tried and died trying to ask the headless horseman about his guitar. He is not to be trifled with. So if you don't wish to tackle the horseman just come into the shop, he's got the guitar in on consignment. Come in and try it..it's super versatile though somewhat spooky. 

Oh yeah, it also comes with a very nice, black, Steinberger gig bag. 

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