Laney Cub Series 15W Tube Amp with Reverb (CUB12R)

Product image 1Laney Cub Series 15W Tube Amp with Reverb (CUB12R)
Product image 2Laney Cub Series 15W Tube Amp with Reverb (CUB12R)
Product image 3Laney Cub Series 15W Tube Amp with Reverb (CUB12R)
Product image 4Laney Cub Series 15W Tube Amp with Reverb (CUB12R)

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The CUB series delivers pure, vintage tube tone in small format, lower wattage units providing classic vintage sounds without complicated control layouts or excessive volume levels. The CUB12R tube guitar combo delivers 15 watts of pure tube tone from a pair of EL84 power tubes into its 12" custom HH speaker.

Designed and engineered in Great Britain, the CUB12R delivers 15 watts power and tone via a pair of EL84 power tubes. In addition a less than 1 watt power option can be used, giving the same power tube tone at lower volume levels. Coupled with 3 x ECC83 pre-amp tubes the CUB12R goes from warm cleans to rich crunch giving the classic tones you need.

The CUB12R houses a 12��_ HH driver: HH have custom-designed the driver exclusively for Laney giving the perfect loudspeaker pairing to the amplifier.

A rich-sounding reverb adds ambiance to the classic tone from the CUB12R. An FS1 footswitch can also be used to switch reverb remotely.

For an expanded rig the CUB12R can also be hooked up to a larger cabinet via its extension out socket. Try a 2��12 or even 4��12 cabinet and be prepared to be blown away!

Your favourite effects pedals can be connected via the FX loop putting the CUB12R at the heart of your rig.

Three Year Limited Warranty

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