Guild Starfire I 'Single Cut' Electric (Vintage Walnut)

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First introduced in 1960, the Guild Starfire was the first electric offering from the historic brand. Built upon the tradition of the hollow body electric guitar set out by makers such as Gibson in the late 1950s. The Starfire initially featured two DeArmond single coil pickups, by '63 the instrument had evolved to spec humbucker pickups in line with the evolution of musical styles and of the time. Initially, these instruments featured a single-cutaway and an all hollow construction on a 2” thick body, by 1963 a double cut option had arrived in the Starfire range. 

This classic feature set has carried through on the new Starfire I reissue. Constructed from sturdy arched maple, the Starfire I has the beautiful airy tonality which can only be attributed to a true hollow body instrument. Premium vintage style Guild tuners, tune-o-matic bridge and house-made Guild HB-2 Alnico II humbuckers.

Beyond the warm, harmonically pleasing tonality of these vintage-voiced humbuckers - one can also split the coils in the pickups with push-pull pots for single coil jangle!

A very versatile instrument from a historically significant builder.

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