Marshall Class 5 ('Bluesbreaker' Style 5 Watt Valve)

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A tonally rich 5 Watt all-valve combo that exclusively features true class A circuitry from input to output, plus an abundance of pure Marshall tone, feel and response. Conceived in the wake of numerous requests from both professional stadium fillers and bedroom widdlers alike, this compact yet punchy 1x10" amp is the answer to your low wattage, big tone prayers!

Created in the legendary ‘Bluesbreaker’ style, the Class5 gets back-to-basics with a top-loaded, ‘Plexi-esque’ panel comprising Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass. This simple feature set is the Class5’s secret weapon, as what you get in return is authentic class A tone, regarded by many as the purist in amplifier design, rich in smooth second-harmonic distortion.

The all-valve signal path offers a wealth of untainted analogue tones right at your finger tips. Sparkling cleans, full-bodied crunch and glorious lead tones are literally just a dial turn away, with the Class5 also responding extremely well to on-the-fly guitar volume and tone control adjustments, making for a truly dynamic playing experience.

All this great tone is delivered through the specially designed G10F-15 speaker. Developed in conjunction with Celestion, this 10" ‘tone cone’ equips the Class5 with fantastic bottom-end clout for an amp of its stature, yet also retains tonal clarity and definition. The rear panel offers both headphones and 16Ω extension cab output sockets – perfect for either fully-cranked silent practice or driving a mighty 4x12" 1960 speaker cabinet!

Condition is excellent overall, please review all photos as they form part of the description.

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