NUX Stageman Floor Acoustic Pre-Amp, Looper & DI (NAP-5)

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The Nux Stageman Floor Acoustic Preamp and DI now gives you the warm and rich sound of the Nux Stageman Acoustic Amplifier all in a compact package. It features a preamp with a responsive 3 band EQ with a Mid Scoop Toggle Switch. It is equipped with a Chorus and a Reverb. Each effect can be controlled by a single-knob. When you tweak the chorus or reverb knob from 0 to 10 it adjusts multiple parameters with a perfect balance. The chorus switch has another function. when you push and hold the designated footswitch, it will activate the freeze effect until released. It also features a Notch toggle to allow you to clean the notch sound which can come from picking of the strings. To top it all off, it has a looper function allowing you to record up to 60 seconds with unlimited overdubs. Definitely bang for the buck pedal with multiple functions in a single pedal.

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