Peavey PE212C 2x12 Tweed Cab

Product image 1Peavey PE212C 2x12 Tweed Cab
Product image 2Peavey PE212C 2x12 Tweed Cab
Product image 3Peavey PE212C 2x12 Tweed Cab

Regular price $749.00

No matter how good your amp is, the speaker cabinet must also be top quality to have a great tone. The Peavey 212-C has 18mm plywood construction, 1 Celestion Vintage 30 speaker and 1 Celestion G12-T 75 speaker. The G12-T 75 has enhanced high and low end while the Vintage 30 is renown for it's midrange, so the 2 speakers compliment each other! The back of the cabinet is convertible for changing the cabinet to an open back configuration. The white piping gives the black grill and black tolex a nice finished look. A stereo/mono input cup, rubber feet and metal corners complete the package. Great quality, great look, great tone and great value!

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