S/H KorgToneworks 411fx Super Multi FX Pedal

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Secondhand KorgToneworks 411fx Super Multi FX Pedal. The Korg Toneworks 411FX is a multi effects pedal with worlds of customization and programming options. When the 411FX is shipped from the factory, programs are pre loaded into its 11 program banks. Each preset bank (1-6) contains two programs, and each user bank (7-11) contains two programs. While playing with the 411FX, you can use the BANK knob to select the program bank you want to use, then use the program switch to cycle through the different programs. Within each effect block, there are different types of each. For example, the drive effect has ten different types of that effect to choose from. You can then use the value knob to change sensitivity levels and drive levels within the type.

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