Smooth Guitar Co. Single Cut (Screentop P90 Pickups, Torana Brown)

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An exciting original design from guitar maker Darren Carson at Smooth Guitar Co.

A little bit vintage, a little bit modern and very much unique! To our eyes, some aspects of the design evoke imagery of the fabled 'Micro Fret' make of guitars from the late 1960s.

Semi-Hollow construction for increased resonance and a nice lightweight. Featuring a pair of P90 'Screentop' pickups (as designed by Jared Brandon and Tony Dudzik), giving the instrument a fierce sustain and exceptional note definition. Machined fixed steel bridge mounted to a beautifully carved timber tailpiece. Zero fret with a machine nut retainer. Finished in Torana Brown.

Serial #167

This hand-made guitar is backed by a 2-year manufacturers warranty.

Support local makers. More info at!

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