Sterling by Music Man SUB Ray5 H (5-String, Black)

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This bass is an evolution of the Sterling SUB series maintaining the attention to detail and build quality of the previous models whilst catering to what many bass players expect in their modern instruments at an affordable price point. 

Compared to its predecessor, the RAY5 H boasts the upgrade of a Sterling by MusicMan designed low noise humbucking pickup that when partnered with the onboard active pre amp provides the player with a versatile foundation to find their sound. The ceramic humbucker used in the RAY5 H creates a stronger magnetic field to feed the 9v onboard active preamp which is what gives this bass the iconic Stingray growl. The single humbucker in the bridge position offers a punchy sound with clarity and bite.

Keeping in line with previous models in the SUB series, Sterling have continued to use the 2 Band active EQ which gives the player the freedom to sculpt their tone. The active pre amp has controls for volume, bass, and treble which offer maximum flexibility in finding your sound. By utilising the full cut & boost of bass & treble frequencies, the wide range of tones you can create will guarantee you will find your sound for any musical situation. 

The RAY5 H is a formidable bass for beginners or to add to your live or recording set up! 

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