Guitar of the Week 30/3/19

1959 Silvertone U3 Silverburst

1959 Silvertone Model 1305

Built by Danelectro for Sears , the model 1305 was the top-of-the-line model made by Danelectro for the Silvertone brand. It is a rarely-seen machine, with a relatively high price for the brand at the time, it didn't sell as well as the one and two pickup models built by Danelectro. Produced for just one year between 1958 and 1959, it's short production lifespan also meant few made it out into the wild.

Based on the Danelectro U3, the 1305 broke new ground for Silvertone as the brand's first three pickup guitar. Couple that with it's distinctive "Silverburst" white and black finish and premium price point and you have a guitar that definitely would have caught the eye.

This three pickup 1959 Silvertone model 1305 is a stunning instrument to play with a neck like a nicely worn-in pair of boots. Beautiful jangle and chime with plenty of fret life and includes its beautiful original tweed hardcase (very rare!)

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