1966 Fender Electric XII 12 String (USA, Sunburst, HSC)

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Delightful Fender Electric 12 string from the year of 5th Dimension by the Byrds. Playing this is like getting 8 Miles High.

It's got that real cool burst that kinda trips you out and that groovy hockey stick headstock maaaannn. Plug this through some sort of compressor you're almost in the Summer Of Love. The tuners have been changed and it has a replacement pickguard on it, but everything else is how it came out from Fullerton in '66. There is a bit of wear on the back of the neck and some crazing in the finish... but you would too if you were 58 years old. Includes a generic hardcase. 

They say necessity is the Mother of Invention, so Freak Out and get with it... surely I don't need to put a Revolver to your head to buy this guitar, ya dig. Peace and Love...ya'dig xxxxx

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